There is something in the format in which you display yourself when you paint. There is something in the surface that supports it, that retains, that captures. How do I dispose of my body when I paint, and how does it dare to speak about other bodies and their condition?

My work is interested in my constant insistence on the human body pictorial representation. I use the attempt to reiterate the same question: How can I paint a person? These visual results depict characters that are arranged in unknown interactions and situations within themselves and each other’s, a summarization that strikes to not strike. Hazy features of what it could be anyone or anything, closeness and correspondence to other bodies when they touch and merge, sometimes fusing in the same spot of color.

What tales are they telling? What script is it being written for these characters? for their environment, for their landscapes, for the mists that hold and embrace them. Sometimes they are displayed as lone faces; as if an id picture were shown, or a passport. Trying to say "Here I am", "This is me", but who, if not fast scribbles with pigments and atmospheric stains. How to name something which doesn't want to be named? 


                                                                                       Pia Chavarria is a visual artist born and based in Costa Rica. Her work surrounds the constant representation of the human body. She has a Licentiate degree in plastic design with an emphasis on pictorial design from the University of Costa Rica. She has had solo and group exhibitions in physical and online spaces like “La Salita” in NYC; “Media home” in Buenos Aires, Argentina; “Nos Vemos” in San Jose, Costa Rica; the “Costarican Museum of Arts”; the “Second Festival of Performance Arts” in Amapala, Honduras; and the 2021 Hoper Prize Grant finalist.

Pia Chavarria - Selportrait on the studio